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I bought my hard boot set up in 1992. I rode a Mistral carving system with Emry plates and Burton boots for about 3 years.  I've been in soft boots since 1995. My 14 year old son now fits those 10.5 boots and is going to hit the slopes this year in hard boots. I'm goofy and he's reg, so I hunted down a used board and bindings for him. But I need new boots and bindings so I can join him. I'm a size US12/Mondo30. 

I'm looking for some recommendations for affordable boots and bindings. Thought about buying a 4 strap ski boot, but would rather get a boot built for carving if I can. I'm a heavy guy, around 230lbs. Not so hardcore anymore. I appreciate the help as I get back into carving and learning about where this sport has gone. Cheers and TIA.

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Welcome to the forum and welcome back to Alpine snowboarding.
There are quite a few rider in NH area.
Check the classified often is probably the best way to score some good used gear.
I believed Okemo in VT have some Alpine Gear that's being phased out.  Might worth a trip. 

As some one was in the clydesdale class
a bomber TD3($$$$) should last a long while.
F2 Titanium($$)/SG performance Binding($$$)

Shop around for best price of buy from the preferred vendor(Bomberonline, Donek).

Boot wise:  good fit is more important than anything else.  I don't know the fit of Burton boots compare to UPZ/Deeluxe

If you can squeezed/downsize a half size:   there are good deal to be had


Info here is a little bit outdate but most still hold true:


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