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USASA - USSS course setting specs


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Vertical drop is recommended to be a minimum of 90 meters.
• Racecourse shall be at least 20 meters wide
• Slalom - the distance between turning poles must be between 10 - 14 meters
• Giant Slalom - the distance between turning poles must be between 20 - 27 meters

• Vertical drop: Parallel Slalom recommended minimum of 80 meters
• Vertical drop: Parallel GS recommended minimum of 135 meters
• Width: Parallel Slalom minimum 20 meters
• Width Parallel GS minimum 35 meters

2018-2019 USASA Rulebook: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sbhl9mGjswbkLEpLQzvG1uNzUPB1Vv88/view

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14 hours ago, Treebeard said:

Ask and you shall receive.....

Noschoolrider that is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Going to be setting some training courses for myself and interested local alpine riders after I am through ski coaching. Hoping to start next weekend!


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Sounds good DW. We have a full weekend of ski racing this weekend. Sessions will likely be from 2:30 to 4. I have access to gates (will probably set stubbies) and will need to get space on the training matrix. I'll put the call out as here as soon as i get the first session scheduled. Will be very informal but will be a great time getting some local alpine riders together to hammer some plastic!

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