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thirst BX needs recatogorized.

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variable/skier chopped grooming was absorbed by the bx easily when kept on edge.told Mark to do a 1*/1* tune which made it a tad less grippy. will probably increase side bevel to regain some of that thrist bite we all love.

off piste this board carved turns thru crusty bumps with soft spots/wind fill and didn't notice the difference as long as it was on edge. short radius carves on steep crap were bombproof:biggthump

I'll be trying to wear this board out this season to justify a slightly modified( w.a.r.p. switch) bx in the spring!

carves great switch even though the softened early rise tail is a bit soft as the tip making a bit tail heavy riding backwards

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today proved my point,

6-10 inches of heavy PNW mank on the steeps  bumps and harbor chop blue groomers, was a good trial of the BXs off piste capabilities.

kram was braggin up his wax job on the top half of the mt. but  we found a lot of wylie coyote's acme contact cement towards the bottom. the BX with basic cold wax (raining at the bottom) S'ed the strait liner tracks to the bottom on 6in mashed potatoe coated groomers. it LUVVS to be on edge in crap that makes 2 planckers cry, I wouldn't have put skis on in that schite

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