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Cheap liners to be had If y’all are comfortable with with some gender bending


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This liner actually works well for me (I think anyway, molded them but haven’t ridden in them) fits great. The women’s specific relief on the back of the cuff is actually friggin’ awesome if you have big calves. 


theres a bunch of sizes on there if you’re interested! 

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Good find, but some of the harder chargers might find these a bit noodly. I bought a set of closeout women's Black Diamond liners a few years ago, and when my feet grew a size I bought the guys ones. There was a significant difference - the women's ones are definitely softer. These might be different, but if they're marked for ladies they're probably soft.

Glad they work for you though! Liners are pricey, always good to score a deal.

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Yeah, they are about the same or maybe a touch stiffer than what they were including with the track 700s for awhile. 

What I like are the toe panels, good for wide feet, also don’t have to use toecap when molding. 

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