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Donek A Plate - SOLD

David Kirk

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I bought this used Donek A plate recently here on the forum and never thought to check on the max stance width. I'm 6'4" tall with very long legs and just can't get my needed stance width on the plate so I have never used it. It includes all the hardware and is ready to mount to your 4 x 4 inserts. The wider set of inserts are 19 3/4" center-to-center.

My silly move is your gain and I'll let this plate go for $225 shipped in the lower 48 states. If you are outside that area we can work it out.





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4 minutes ago, Corey said:

You may be able to add T-nuts. I believe it's a wood core. Ask Donek. 

I thought of that but the binding would end up hanging off the end of the plate. I think it's best to pass this on to someone else that doesn't need such a wide stance.


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12 hours ago, Mellow Yellow said:

Is that a seven in the background??? :1luvu:

bump for a nice price

Good eye. It's a 2014 Westfield S2000 that I built for autocross. It's street legal and I use it on canyon runs and SCCA Solo. Way too much fun. It corners like a Kessler.




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