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Need a Swoard Dual or Equivalent!


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fyi: This ain't getting any traction in WTB - and desperate times calls for desperate measures -  Admin read on and do as you see fit to leave it or drop it.........

 Somehow ECing my 3? week old 168 Swoard Dual II I put a 13 inch delam in the toe side -  .......and off it goes back to France for warranty - that will be at least a 3 week turn around - Ugh!  That's IF Swoard warranty's it.... this is my 4th Swoard board and Patrice and the Swoard boys know me pretty well......I'm aggressive/hard charging most of the time on their boards BUT I'm outside their weight range, 225lbs on all Swoard boards and I here's the problem..........I usually go with a shorter and/or softer board than they want me to!  So they may not warranty this delam!

That was my everyday work board.......... so I'm scrambling between my rock board and pow board for doing my job on the Mtn......... the rock  board is too soft and too beat and I'm trying to save the pow board from the daily wear and tear and just for pow!   ........so I  need another Swoard or equivalent if anybody's got a Gen 1 Dual 168, 175....heck I would even ride a 163, bet  that could make some tight turns! 

Let me know what ya got,  anything ...160ish,  25ish w, built like a tank, can float and bust through the chop, can and wants to carve.....and could get out to me in Cali -  ASAP!                                      I need it yesterday!

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