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Rossignol Race Room 191

David Kirk

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This is a bit of a rare beast. Back in the day I had some very generous support from Rossignol and I was given a few of these and have been riding them for a long time. This board has seen little use and was around as a back up for most of the time I've owned it. These boards were hand made by the race room at Rossi and were built for their sponsored athletes and never offered for sale. I have two more of these that I love and will never let go but this one has been sitting for too long just in case I needed it. I bought a new ride this year which means I don't even need this as a back up any longer. It's fast and fun and should be out there making someone grin.

Despite its length it's a great free carve board and can cruise or be driven hard and deep and is happy either way. It's very light and super easy to flick turn-to-turn. It's in very good shape and has a very good tune and just needs some wax to be ready to rip. The white base is in near perfect shape but has some staining from colored wax. My guess is that some wax remover would remove the coloring if it bothers you.

Here's the specs -

Length - 191

Nose - 232 mm

Waist - 190 mm

Tail -  230 mm


These boards are wicked fun to ride and is going to make someone smile. I'd like $300 for it with the buyer paying shipping from Bozeman, Montana 59715

If you have any questions just let me know and I'll do my best to get you answers.






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24 minutes ago, steven said:

minimum stance width?


The distance from the rearmost inserts for the front foot back to the forward pair of the rear inserts is 14 1/4".

Center to center it looks like the narrowest would be about 15 5/8"

Let me know if that doesn't make sense.



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I've been responding to PM's about this board but have not heard anything back in days and this makes me wonder if my replies are getting through. If you've PM'd me and didn't hear back please email me directly and I'll get right back to you.



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