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Big Trip to Canmore next Week - Advice Needed


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I'm heading to Canmore for a weeks vacation with the family. 3/4-3/10.  We'll be going to Nakiska, Sunshine, Norquay and Lake Louise. Can I get some advice on what to bring?  I have  an all mountain softboot board that I ride in hardboots or a Coiler Nirvana. I can only bring one. Opinions? 



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I think the answer obviously depends on what type of riding you want to do. Just did the same trip last week.  I went to Norquay and Lake Louise (and then Kicking Horse).  Louise is my fav hill of all time and would only have went there if I could.  (In fact there are zero reasons to visit Norquay instead of Louise except a small price difference, the slightly more convenient location, or, in my case, available daycare.)  

I will say that Sunshine isn’t particularly great IMO if you just want hard boot carving runs (in fact I’m not a huge Sunshine fan period but, different strokes).  I’ve never been to Nakiska and hear it’s busy but has amazing groomers.  Louise is not crazy busy, has some amazing piste, but also an incredible mix of other all-mountain options.

So if you want to carve awesome groomed runs all day, you’ll have some of the very best options (particularly at Nakiska and Louise) - bring your Coiler.  But you’ll also have some amazing all-mountain/off-piste terrain to explore, so if you want to go off-piste bring your AM board.

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You timed it well. There's snow coming this weekend and conditions should be excellent next week.

I guess it depends on what the rest of the family wants to ride. I've never been to Norquay, but I'd happily ride all the rest of those hills on a Nirvana.. And the groomers at Nakiska and Louise should be stellar on two day groom..

I really think you'd kick yourself in you left the carver at home...you can always rent a high end soft board, but it doesn't work the other way around.

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