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Photos in PM's?


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Sorry, this is a little off-topic, but its photo-related, sorta...

In PM'ing w/ another member here, I've previously included a picture, but when I tried to do it just now, I was unable to do so. Drag/dropping a photo into the text area results in nothing happening, and there is an 'Inser other media' dropdown, but it only lets me specify a prior photo attachment (ie, from a message or post I'd previously sent), or a URL to a picture - I can't attach a new photo, though. (In this forum posting form, there's a 'Drag viles here to attach, or choose files..." option, but not on the PM form. (But, I know I did it previously...)

I checked my attachment quota, and I'm not anywhere near the limit on that - any other ideas?


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BTW, posting this random pic here (nothing too exciting, I'm afraid...), so I can at least refer to it in the PM to this other member...


(The irony is that this picture is to illustrate a problem to the other member - the thin edge is too thin - but I appreciate the support and encouragement! :-)

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