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boot fitting!

Jeffrey Day

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Hey all you Boston area carvers! I'm thinking about buying a new pair of Raichles, opps sorry, DEELUXE LaMans boots with the Thermo-flex liners thru BOL!

Can anyone tell me where I can get a good, custom footbed and have my thermo-flex liners molded properly? Preferably a shop with the Raichle ovens.

And how much will this cost me around here? When I was at last years SES, I had my AF600TST liners molded and custom footbeds made and installed for $130.00 at the Racers Edge in Breckenridge.

Thanks and happy trails!

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I just got back tonight from getting my footbeds for my Raichles.

I got them at Bill's Wilderness on Comm Ave. across the street from EMS. The guru there, Gordon, seems to know what he's doing. The other place is the Starting Gate stop up on the access road at Sugarbush. They are also very good, just a hike from Boston. If you're up there anyway it's worth it.

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There is a place down there, I think in Cambridge called Strands. Go there for your boot fitting needs in that area. Otherwise head up to the Startingate in Vt. While you are at Strands, check out their Stroltz boots.

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Bob skinners ski and sport, Newbury NH. (on the traffic circle at the base of Mt. Sunapee)

Jeff Bokum does boot Fitting there, and does a great job. He has experience working withthe Raichle Snowboard boots, the Proctor academy team uses him, and I did too. depends on how much work he needs to do to get you dialed in, but is reasonable for a good fit.

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Thanks everyone for the responses and info!

I have a question for you Pat ( but anyone else can respond, please! )! As it turns out from the link that you included, I had stopped in at Jack Frost Ski Shop in Jackson, NH. We took out my current footbeds and we noticed that they developed a twist!?! The outer part of the heels are twisted upward.

Is this a normal circumstance for us carvers or just poor materials used? And should I reuse these footbeds?

Shaggy and CMC, thanks the info on the Starting Gate. I called them and they do have the LaMans boots in my size, but the don't come with the Thermo-Flex liners. I do think that I might go to the Starting Gate the day after Christmas the try them on and check out the liners that come with them.

Shaggy, thanks for the invite to ride with ya, but I know that I'm incapable of hangin' with the boys of Stratton!

ncermak, thanks for the info on Bob Skinners! If I get a chance, I think I'll stop in and ask a few questions!

Hey Scott, do you know if Bill's Wilderness has a Raichle boot oven to mold the Thermo-Flex liners?

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