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Wanted: Boots 30.5


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Looking for someone who has long feet like me. I posted that I was looking to get back into carving, but my feet grew two sizes in the last 20 years. So now I'm a US13 0r 30.5. I tried on a pair of used 29.5 and they were putting too much pressure on my toes. Trying not to spend $600.00 on a new pair of boots. So anyone out there with a used pair they want to sell?


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Looking on the UPZ site they have a chart that shows 30 being US12.5 and 30.5 being US13.

To back up lonbordin here: I wear US 13 in all my shoes, and am currently using M28 UPZ (actually, UPZ doesn't use Mondo size. The shell is the "8.5/9/9.5 312 mm" shell). No shell modifications, stock 9.5 liner. Believe it or not, it's not even a tight fit. The interior of the shell is as large as the footbed from my US13 shoes, 305 mm, so any chart that says I need two shell sizes bigger (that's an extra 20 mm) is leaving LOTS of room for a very thick liner. I was using the so-called M29s until recently (10/10.5/11 shell) and it had tons of room (and some heel slip).

UPZ have a narrow ankle/heel area so oversizing causes fewer problems, but still...

I tried on a pair of used 29.5 and they were putting too much pressure on my toes

Put your bare foot in the shell w/o liner to judge. Pressure on your toes could come from a thick footbed, a liner molded to someone else's (thin) foot, etc. Don't judge the shell size by that.

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So would those be like size 13 1/2?

Mike, these boots should fit you if you are a size 13. There is no half sizing in these boots. Shell sizes go up in 8 to 10 millimeter increments, depending on the manufacturer. Example, going from a 30/30.5 shell to a 31/31.5 shell will increase the boot sole length by 10 millimeters. There are no differences in the liners. They are all the same. So a mondo size 31 and 31.5 are one in the same. When you heat mold the custom liner they will fit perfectly. Let me know if are interested. Thanks

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