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I have a set of Raichle 323's size 25-25.5 I seem to have a problem with the stock liners that came with the boots... my heels are loose in the liners, especially my back foot and I think this is really holding back my carving. If I get a set of the heat moldable liners, would this help to solve my problem or should I be moving down to a smaller size boot? (If they make adult boots smaller then size 25). What does everyone recommend, what type of liner would be right for me?

Thanks for any input

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I had one drink tonite and I answered a post before it was posted how does this happen???

Driving 88mph in a DeLorean?

Step 1: Get ye to a boot fitter to measure your foot in centimeters. If your boot is the proper size for your foot, then proceed to the next step otherwise buy a boot that is sized for your foot.

Step 2: Determine if you want to spend over $200 on some fresh liners, and about $150-$250 on real custom insoles. The bare minimum for my usage is custom insoles.

Step 3: See if you can get a couple insole shims of varying thickness and some heel pads in different shapes. Fine tuning can be done on the mountain if you buy some supplies and just mess around with shim placement.

Step 4: You can also adjust your bindings to be slightly closer, more heel lift in the rear or a combination of the two.

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I'm not saying this can't be fixed by a liner but from personal experience I have found through riding both UPZ and Deeluxe/Raichle boots that the UPZ boots have a much narrower heel. This was based on experiences I had between Deeluxe T225s and UPZ ATBs.

In general amongst the three commonly available boots the foot shape is as follows

Deeluxe/Raichle - narrow forefoot/toebox and wider heel

UPZ - wider forefoot/toebox and narrower heel

Head Stratos Pro - wider in general (based on general comments on the forum and seeing the boots but not trying a set on)


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