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We have a group of racers in the New England area, that would like to find a local coach. Since this is our first post wanted to see if there is a way of setting up some kind of arrangement. I know its late in the season but as they say better late than never. If for nothing else we can lay the ground work for next season. We will be at ECS later in the week in case there is interest and happen to be going, a great place to meet. If not we are open to any idea's and or thoughts.

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WOW - ward of Wednesdays !!

As of right now it looks like either Tuesday or Wednesday nights at ward. Griff is checking in with ward to see if it's ok to drill 12-14, 1-3/8 holes in the snow and screw some Stubbies in.

All are welcome, I've always loved ward for mid week riding, it breaks up the week, and beats doing squats for an hour straight at the gym.

Either griff or I will post up the final details.

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