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Have any of you guys ever decided to bust out any of your shorter decks on a given day? I have a 149cm Burton Speed that I built up for an ex-gf but since she never got into it, it just sits in my closet gathering dust. I was thinking about giving it a ride as I've never ridden it before the next time I hit the mountain. I typically ride a 159 or a 185 depending on the day and group. I'm an average size adult male (ie. 5'10 etc...) In reality, it's only a difference of 10cm (4in) from my normal slalom deck but I'm also thinking it probably wouldn't make too much of a difference ridewise. I don't want to get all caught up on measurements and numbers but I just wanted to hear if you guys ever do this. And if so, is the experience that much different? I'm asking because I just don't want to waste my time with something that I'll want to swap out after a couple runs. My gut is that this thing will just be super fun and "whippy" on the mountain.


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Completely agree with KingCrimson - the flex is what's important. A 149 Speed is going to be super soft for an adult male (I'm assuming you're an adult male).

I love riding shorter slalom-type boards (with flex appropriate to my weight) - they react very quickly and reveal any flaws in your technique quickly. I've got a 167 Coiler VSR with a 10.5m sidecut, it's a hoot on anything from an icy green run to a black run. It has a lower carvable speed limit than my 182 board, but I don't always need to go so fast my cheeks are flapping. I like it so much that I've got a 160-ish Angry (9.5m sidecut) being built very soon. It's really fun to switch between long and short boards.

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My first carving board was a 149? Burton Alp. Wasn't into carving so much as off piste so it was a blast. 5'9" and 150 at the time. I've found that the Burton Ultraprime 156 that I ride on everyday except powder days is just about right, but it does kind of fold or should I say doesn't really hold on a hard carve. A couple or runs, what have you got to lose?

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