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Soft boot carver dont want to swtich to hard boots need 3 strap bindings


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There are none on the market, and any that are still around are going to be really old. softbootsailer makes his own by adding straps to the highbacks of regular soft-boot bindings. I can't find his post where he had pictures. He can likely offer some advice.

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the 3rd strap how to... get a binding similar to a Burton Mission from 2 years ago or Burton still makes a binding called the Freeride that works...also Union and or Ride make a Binding that will work...drill a 3/16 hole through one of the 3 adjustment holes for the Ankle Straps connections as shown in photos, put in a panhead 3/16 in. bolt on each side...This LOCKS the highback UP only... now add and bolt a top strap or booster strap to the top of the Highback as shown...I have used strips cut from an Old 1 an 1/2 " wide leather belt and then add Buckle mechanism to finish...takes about 1/2 hour to put together once you have the parts...simple but very effective if this is what you want? Living and riding at Milk for the last 28 years both the Snow and Grooming and Pitches are what I would call 3 strap Nirvana... :) Good Luck and Be Aware that any alterations like this both void the Bindings warranty and may make you subject to Injury...:eek: I have used this style of Binding for 25 years and no breaks or injuries...I typically get 100 to 125 days of use before I have to replace a strap or buckle from usage.:biggthump



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this is my current primary pair of 3 straps...there is more than 250 days on this Baseplate and Highback while I have added new Ankle and Toe Straps from wear the top strap is still original :) besides the 2 bolts circled in Green I have now added a 3rd bolt marked by a Red circle that has added even more ridgidity to the Highback...


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