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Some racers simply use a 3 deg side bevel as it's easier to maintain yourself. My used Kessler came that way so I just touch it up with a med diamond polishing stone whenever it feels dull, usually after about 10-15 hours of riding. Either way, well worth the change, you will notice a difference in edge hold on ice from a 90 deg.

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I tried 1 degree base and 3 degree side on my coiler monster. Much easier to skid turn (which is not that important for this board) and better edge hold than 90 deg. However I find it twitchy on fast edge to edge transmittions and when transitioning between edges. I'll try either flat base and 2 deg side, or .5 on the base 3 deg side next time. Aiming for sharp. A little grabby is ok for this board.

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