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Road ID / thoughts


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Just Thinking (that's rare). I don't know why, but I never gave it a thought before :confused:.

I have a Road ID I use when cycling but never gave it a thought to wear when boarding.

From here on out, I'll make it a point to wear it with any activity. Specially when attending an event that is not local.

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Ever since getting mine, I wear it daily, and it reads as such:



HOME 555-555-1212

WIFE's NAME 555-555-1213 WIFE



That way should anything happen to me, whether I have my wallet with me driving to work, or out riding my bike, first responders know my name, age, medical alerts, and they have some contact info.

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Also cell phones have an "in case of emergency" space to enter a number for that reason. I also carry my wifes business card with a hand written,

"in case of emergency please call..." in with my season pass, and, I don't even carry out the trash without my wallet/ID. I've always asked my wife to carry her ID/purse/wallet, whatever, even if just going to the corner store with me.


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I wear mine 24/7 after being knocked unconscious and left for dead while on a road bike ride. I was riding a bike path and had a pedestrian decide he wanted to be on the opposite side of the path walking with his buddies so he jumped right in front of me while trying to get to the other side after warning them of my presence and direction. I hit him in the right side of his back with my bars which threw me off high side. I flew through the air and finally impacted the ground on my ass going backwards, slamming my head into the ground.

I was out cold, helmet shattered and me laying there on the asphalt. Those bastards took off without calling EMS, left me on the ground. Not sure how long I was out for but another pedestrian came by and rendered what aid she could and called 911. I had my cell phone in my saddle bag but EMS didn't check for it. I had no labels, wallet or anything telling authorities who I was. A John Doe laying in a hospital ER. I came to but could not remember much. I did ask where my bike was and that my phone was in the bag, the hospital contacted the Fire Station who transported my bike and they were able to pull contact info off of my phone.

After that, I made a commitment to my family to wear my Road ID everytime I go into the backcountry to fish or bike. I purchased one of those velcro bands but frequently forgot to put it on. I ended up ordering a bracelet that I wear all the time with my name, no know allergies, parents number, brothers number and a few other tidbits. I never want to be a John Doe again!

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