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When did Intec become standardized?


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As far as i remember it was first Raichle (now Deeluxe) round 1995/ 96 Raichle 123 was the first boot with the new shell specifically designed for snowboarding coming to market in 1994. The shell is basically the same as today although it didn't have the step-in option. This was either introduced in the following season or only available in higher models (124 and 125). Back then Blax was also on the market but I do not think, they had the standard heels before Raichle since Blax also sold bindings under the same brand. In 1998 I bought my first Intec System with a Blax binding and F2 heels on Raichle boots. At that point Intec already looked like becoming the standard for hardboot Setp-in systems.

Burton has always tried to do its own thing. I am not even sure, if the burton hardboots were compatible with Intec.

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I'd say '94-95 season; bought the compatible Raichle 123s at a discount in spring '95 but used them w/burton "rattraps" at first. got Blax boots & Nitro stepin plates (same heel shape w/solid pin and release on the binding) in 96. When burton Physics came out in 95 they used the same shape on the shells as intec. All hardboots were made in Europe so we can thank them for stepin standardization as wel as 4x4 insert pattern.

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In 1994/95 some brands (Burton, SnowPro, Nitro) offered the first stepin plate bindings. But those systems were not Intec like. So there was also no need for a special heel on the boots.

The Intec system was introduced by F2 in the 1995/96 season. So that year the heels got the shape they still have.

The stepin sytems by SnowPro (F.A.S.T.) and Burton (Physics) came later and the heels had the same shape as the Intec system, so they were always Intec compatible.

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