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Deeluxe Indy's 26.5 FOR SALE


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I'm selling a pair of 2009 red Deeluxe Indy's. I bought them new in 2010 and used in the same season, they've been sitting in my closet for almost 2 years. In great shape and perfect working condition, 9 out of 10 appearance wise. Throwing in a set of never molded intuition pro mold able liners. Looking for $285+ shipping.

Note: they will be shipped with the stock red tongues. Also I would rather keep the R.A.D spring system, figuring the buyer will probably be using using the Bomber B.T.S system. TEAM32 stickers included.



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^ Thanks !!!

Yo Lynn Macmittens I saw that you were interested in a pair of Deeluxe boots size 24. Could you find it in you heart to pass on them, I need to get boots for an 11 year old girl on the LOON team, and the 24's should fit, cut ankle strap and all................GFY,G .!..

Come to think of it those would be a little small for her, I can envision them around your little ankles, with some boot heaters on the outside. :barf:

Nice upside down pics you friggin retard!
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