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Paoli Peaks 2012/13


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Finally going to board tomorrow...

Paoli just opened a few days ago and I made it home from the holidays at the in-laws late Thursday night.

Really looking forward to the new setup on the old hill.

-Will the board have the magic it had out west?

-Will the plate handle Paoli grooming?!

Must sleep so I can be fresh... might have a few inches of real snow on the top as well. Woo-hoo!

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Well the report said 0-18" more towards the 0 than the 18". Dodging the brown spots and noobs kind of day.

Forecast is for cold weather this week, finally. So they should be able to make plenty of snow. And they need it... one run was just about 6" of fresh on grass! :eek: Only did that one once happy to escape with no bottom scrapes.

New Donek board, and Bomber plate performed awesome in the less than stellar conditions. Packing out a new set of Scarpa liners so not plush comfort in the boot today.

All in all a pretty good first day... bit tired... need some more fluids.


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