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Breckenridge 03/10-12, Vale 03/13-16


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There are better mountains in Summit CO than Breckenridge, but if you have to ride Breck, there are some good trails though.

Peak 10 is by far the best. Peak 8 is where all the park rats hang out, longer lift lines over there too. Peak 7 has good rolly terrain to be found.

Abasin and Keystone are better for carving if you can swing it over there.

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Thank you for your advices.

I came to CO yday morning and spent an incredible day at Keystone.

I'm planing to stay at Keystone on Friday, but try Loveland on Sunday. Michelle from bomber told me that there is a crew that carves at Loveland every Sunday. Hope to see smbdy there.

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Great snow for high performance carving on all groomed slopes. South aspects, particularly in lower elevations, have been subject to thaw/refreeze cycle and IMO it's a good idea to let the sun warm the snow surface a bit before heading off-piste on these aspects.

Daily grooming report is your best resource for current info on where to go first. You can also track vertical using EpicMix (you'll need to pick up a plastic RF (radio frequency) lift pass to do this).

Some random thoughts on terrain/parking to check out here:




<img src="http://i52.tinypic.com/9usvn8.jpg" border="0" alt="Jeff Smith, Yonder Gully, Vail, CO.">

Enjoy the ride,


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