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Ideas? Help? Fastest/cheapest Shipping X-canada???


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I'm looking for suggestions as to what would be the fastest way to ship a board across Canada, hopefully at a reasonable price? My friend will ship from Vancouver tomorow(thurs.), and I need it by Mon. A.M. in Ottawa!!! Do any shippers deliver into the weekend?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Don't know if Greyhound is still the cheapest. They were the cheapest for shipping kayaks which are also large but low weight. In the past few weeks they've changed their cost structure and it's no longer cheap to ship a kayak. Don't know how the new pricing will affect snowboards.

I just shipped two boards from Ontario to BC and FedEx was cheaper than Canada Post.

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Thanks all for the great ideas and help. Turns out Greyhound can deliver station to station within 3 days, for about $45! Beauty of Greyhound's service is everyday is a business day...weekend doesn't hold up delivery like most shippers!

Finding someone flying same route is a great idea, if you're at the shipping end to ask/arrange/wrap in view of. In a real pinch it could work, and fast!

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