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Caution - 3 Burton Plates on Ebay


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Just a head's up that might save someone some grief. I noticed a seller has 3 new Burton plates on ebay here (3 bindings, not 3 pairs of bindings):


But..., I don't see any sign that the elastomer pads to go under the bindings are there. If anyone wants to bid on these, it might be worth inquiring first.

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The seller warns that the elastomer pieces are missing:

"I thought these were complete but was told that the bottom rubber part is missing and the new disks are not for this kind of bindings (they are for the softboot bindings). "

Looks to be a mismatch of parts. Not worth looking at unless you need the spare parts.

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Change of plans.. I'm buying Bryan's nideckers.

I'm currently the high bidder at $20 for these Burton race plates:


Have at em ;)

Hmmm. Center disks are weird looking on this bindings... Better than common race bindings? Anyone used this before?

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The center disk is tighten by one screw in the center holds by friction (or does'nt). Had a set and they would slip in the middle of hard turns.

Are they still compatible with the standard center disks if you wanted to pitch the single-bolt ones? In that case, just treat it as an auction for decent Burton Rental Plates without disks.

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