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softboot lift and cant


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The "Universal cant" or the "Unicant" (Burton has used both names to describe the same thing) is a set of two stacked disk shims that allow you to dial in a cant/lift angle from 0º to 8º in 1º increments. Unlike the Bomber TD1 cant/lift disks, you can rotate the position of the Unicant on the board in 15° increments to achieve various combinations of cant and lift. The Unicant can be used with many types of bindings and fits both the 3D hole pattern and the 4x4 hole pattern. Unfortunately, the Unicant has a few "issues":

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  • With a diameter of 19 cm, it adds to the footprint of the binding, distorts the flex pattern of the board, and creates dead spots.
  • The Unicants also have about 1º of rotational play, which is really annoying.
  • The bolts that hold the Unicant to the board (hidden under the binding) tended to come loose.
  • The Unicants tended to break easily, and that's probably why they were discontinued.


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