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Metal Coilers for Sale!


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Two metal Coilers for Sale! Both custom made for me for the 07/08 season, well cared for, ridden only by myself. Both are in very good condition with only minor base and topsheet scratches, no base repairs, never been ground. Made for a 160lb aggressive rider, ridden by a 150lb aggressive rider. Both are clean, waxed, sharp and ready for action.

Classic 181cm: (white with black ellipses - lower case block letter logo) 181T 08JC1-6.4-D4.5. 13.2m scr, 19mm waist, has seen maybe 40 days.

$450 plus shipping.

All Mountain 172cm: (black with white ellipses - swirl oval logo) T172AMW 12m 08JC2-7.0+3. 12m scr, 21.5mm waist, has seen only 15 days.

$500 plus shipping.

James Cherry

208 270 2057




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Wow! Gone in under an hour! The All Mountain is sold, I'm gonna miss it...

Classic 181 Titanal still available. Fast and turny... I'll miss that one too.

Looks like I'm gonna have to be satisfied with only two metal Coilers to ride for the rest of the winter. (Three if my woman lets me try her schtubette.)


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Really? No one wants a Metal Coiler Classic? This is a killer board in good condition with lots of life remaining. 181cm long, 13.2m scr, 19mm waist, decambered nose, 181T 08JC1 - 6.4 - D4.5. This board held every turn I ever put to it!

How about $390 shipped (to the lower 48)? Surely that's a deal right?




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Knee Deep,

I do have a set of Burton Custom bindings kicking around that I could throw in gratis. Really though, this board will look great on you!

If you plan to race it at high speed (USASA GS, for example), you should be about 140-155lbs I think. It was made for 160lb aggressive freecarving, though it is a race model of course.


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If you don't have a metal board yet, this ride will definitely cut your times. You'll never go back to glass...

Uhmmm... I was kind of joking about the bindings. Sorry. Maybe I should have used an emoticon :confused: ? They're just crappy soft boot bindings that are barely worth more what they'll cost to ship.

How about if I just knock $25 bucks off the board? $365 shipped? Send paypal info. Can ship tomorrow.

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