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Elan Vertigo 168 -- BXish


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This is a 25.7 cm waist, 9.5 m sidecut radius, soft-or-hard boot board built to hold an edge in almost anything. It carves nicely, but releases easily and can cut through all sorts of crud confidently. It can race boardercross. It's built to be very tough and fast.

WHY I'M SELLING I bought this last spring and only put a few half-days on it. I needed a board wider than the soft-boot board I had (Arbor Crossbow) which would still carve and deal with mixed/unpredictable snow conditions for a trip out West. It worked great, except fate ended the trip rather quickly. This season I've been riding hard boots almost exclusively and have become a fan of lots of effective edge. I'm having a Donek Incline made for me with a wider waist (26.5) and > 150 cm effective edge to use in place of this board. I need money to pay for it. The Incline will be a little more specialized than the board I'm selling, but I think it will suit my soft-boot needs well (powder is rare here!).

CONDITION The worst aspect is the chips along the edges of the topsheet. Just cosmetic, but annoying. The base is very good, with one deeper scratch and some longitudinal ones which don't really affect anything (and might even come out with a restructuring short of a full base grind). Edges are good, plenty left, some discoloration in spots and light rock rash on the base edges in spots. No dents, dings in edges. (In short, a base grind + edge tune would put this in top condition, but I wouldn't do yet -- the base structure is good now. Wait until it needs it. Unless you're racing BX, I guess.)

PRICE I believe I paid $300 last spring. It would be nice to get close to that back. Offers? SOLD



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These are very good and pretty rare in North America. Supposedly have some Titanal in them too...

This was my board before and it's seen only very light use. Besides few fast softy carving runs, I was only teching on it - hence the cosmetic chips on top, from my students.

For those familiar with 3800 169, this thing carves better and floats almost as good.

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Hello again Teach. We exchanged emails little while ago. I'm still very interested, unfortunately I'm now on an even more ridiculous budget. Would you consider $200. + shipping? I know that's a pretty low offer, but it's about all I can do! Please let me know, thanks ZL.

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I understand the budget thing... me too, which is why I am looking for a bit more. But the bigger problem is that shipping to Canada is going to be expensive. We could negotiate, if you're OK with whatever shipping is, but maybe you want to check out what's available in Canada. BlueB has some boards, and he says CarvingScooby does too. I'll email you through BOL.

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