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Salomon Malamutes M30, M29


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The standard soft-boot for carving. I bought these last spring from another BOL member who bought them new, took a few runs on them and decided he didn't like them. I took a few runs and found them too big, even though I'm happy with the fit of my other soft boots in M30 (Northwave Decades). Maybe because these are stiffer (more like a hard boot) fit is more critical. ??? The heel strap makes heel lift a non-issue, but heel movement side-to-side is annoying. So these fit wider heels, I'd say. I'll say $125 + shipping (which I will make as cheap as I can if desired). but reasonable offers are welcome. Unlikely I'll use these.

I then scrounged up some M29 Malamutes. They are as small lengthwise as I can use, but too wide. They'd work OK with some breaking in, but I'm finding I'm happy with the Decades (and don't ride soft boots much, except recently when horrible HB fit issues plagued me and almost made me a full-time soft-booter again). I'll consider offers above $125 since these actually do have some value to me as backups.


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I wear US 13 shoes for almost everything. Hardboots, seems Mondo 28 works best, at least for Raichle. For soft boots M29 in Solomon, M30 in others I've tried. My foot measures somewhere between 28.9 and 29.5 cm depending on whether it's arched or flat on the floor. Hope that helps.

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Still have the 29s. I'd say they're 9.5/10. I can tell they're not fresh out of the box, but there's no wear of any consequence I can see. Maybe it's just the dirt on the soles. They're the same model as pictured, I think 2008-2009 or maybe 2009-2010. I'd say maybe 3 full days on them (got them after getting the 30s, didn't use softboots much and when I did I used my Northwave Decades more often. I have not used them this season yet.)

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I'm looking to get closer to what these are worth. If I replace them with lighly used Driver X (to get better fit in mid/rear foot) I'll be coughing up over $200 it looks like. (Hard boots are looking like a steal now...) I'm open to trades + cash deals. Stuff I could use: TD3 blue elastomers, TD3 center disks, BTS, a decent hard-boot board around 12-13 m scr, 170-180 cm, 19-21 cm waist, for 190 lb rider, deals well with crud, hard-boot bindings, Deeluxe AF boot spare parts, Or a pair of Driver Xs for that matter!

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