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Has anyone rode in Mont-Sutton Qc


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I live in the area close to Toronto. Thus, it's difficult for me to go to a large resort that has long slopes. Until last year, my choice was Mont-Tremblant. Since every year when I went there, they were too busy for me to carve anywhere. So from this year I want to go somewhere else where there isn't many people.

My friend recommend me to go to Mont-Sutton because distance I have to travel is about same and it's quite. And also their prices of accomodations are very good. Only thing is that I've never been there so I don't know how their slopes are?

So if you fellow carvers been to Mont-Sutton or better resort for me to go, let me know.

Have a safe ride

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Mont Sutton is an awesome mountain, it's really very unique and different from other ones though. If you look at the trail map, you'll notice that there's like 1000 trails interlocking each other and you can't even tell what is a trail or a glade... like they say you'll never come down the same way twice. Kind of like Jay Peak but with more glades.

Even most of the actual pistes have spruce trees scattered all around... lots of powder but little grooming. Really really fun mountain for freeriding, but not at all for carving. There's only 1 carve-able trail on the whole mountain out of like 1000 little trails.

They are cheap though, the food is good, the snow is plentiful and it's nice and quiet.

A good carve-able mountain is Saint Sauveur, which is not that much vertical, but a very wide mountain, with many wide blue trails with good grooming, although this mountain is more loud, with big night skiing and music that covers quite a bit of the mountain. 45 minutes northwest of MTL

Tremblant is a great mountain on the week-days, but I agree it's way too crowded on peak days, and they concentrate more on condos and attractions than grooming.

The best choices are Le Massif, Mont-Sainte Anne, and Stoneham. Stoneham's pretty cheap, Le Massif and Sainte Anne are awesome, and sainte anne's not expensive. But they are far.

maybe also Orford, which is a great carving mountain (but very cold!)

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I couldn't agree more with what CarvCanada said. Saint-Sauveur is not so bad, but the vertical is ~200m, as the other mentionned are between ~500-700m.

St-Sauveur can be expensive for the size of the mountain. Personnaly, I think Tremblant is not very carve friendly (although some will say the contrary) and it is the most expensive mountain in the province, not worth it, too much hype. The place with the most carver is definately Mont Ste-Anne, you can easily see 10-15 carvers on a typical Saturday.

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You can visit all three in the same trip. Well worth the 2hrs of extra driving time instead of Tremblant. I'm going to le Massif with my carving family Dec18-24 for some pre Christmas rippin.

Stoneham also has an excellent reputation for carving but I haven't yet managed to pull myself away from Mt.Ste-Anne when I'm down there. check out a previous thread on le Massif

Sutton is a fun mountain but doesn't have alot of wide open terrain. Lots of sous-bois(glades) if your handy on an all mountain board.

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I live in Toronto and have gone to Tremblant every year since 1981. But I have vowed to never return. I hate that place.

The Eastern Townships is a nice alternative. So is Western New York. Holiday Valley and Bristol Mountain are both decent. Bristol has over 1000' vertical.

I'm going to try Mt. Ste. Marie, 1 hour north of Ottawa, over Xmas break. Haven't skied/ridden there in 20 years. Intrawest owns it now but I hear they haven't ruined it yet. I'll report back.

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