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Can you explain what happened in the last 6-7 years in terms of technology for the boards? shape, materials(Metal?) ?

Unfortunately, I couldn't get on the slopes in the last past 4 years, and at this time I was still riding my Burton Factory Primes (6.0/7.3/8.5) .

it's time for a change and I am ready to burn my credit card but looking at the specs of most of this year boards I feel I missed something.

Sidecut radius are HUGE compared to the ones we got back in early 2000's, people are riding much taller boards...it looks like you need to ride only slalom stadiums if you don't wanna play the bowling ball...

I am 200Lbs, 6'4 and would like to get the same feeling than on my 7.3 burton for the ones who knew what it was.

Thanks guys

PS: Let me know if some of you would welcome a poor lonesome French carver lost in NYC for a good carving session...

I must admit that I am tempted by the prior WCRm...

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If you cant make it to the session, I suggest buying used. maybe buy two different boards coiler, donek. see what you like, then go for a new board. or if you know what you like pull the trigger. Just so you know glass boards are awesome, so don't rule them out. I know metal is the hot thing, but if you like to ride hard, you might want glass. definately 175 and up though. have fun buying a new toy!

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It seems that very few people talk about the F2 speedsters, is it just because it is an Austrian brand not well distributed in NorthAM or what?

Could be - F2 is very popular over here and I love my Speedster SL, although it requires strict discipline from the rider.

Your OP asked about what happened in board design... from my perspective it was something like this:

  • For a while widths got narrower and lengths got longer.
  • Then noses got less pointy
  • Some European guys figured out that wider waists can be carved lower and invented Extreme Carving and boards designed to work with lower angles and wider waists. Others copied this approach.
  • Metal construction came in from the race circuit, with various people claiming it makes silk purses from sow's ears. Boards broke and designs were unstable (this season's "must have" was junk by next season).
  • "Reverse Camber" and "Rocker" became fashionable in baggy-pants snowboarding and added "Rocker" to the latest fashionable race boards.
  • Americans started to relate the length of their boards to their general prowess.

So you're probably screwed if you're a Francophone American... You could go long and thin (with stubby long nose) or short and fat (with stubby long nose but no metal).

Rule 1: don't buy anything you've not ridden.

I can't think of any other rules.

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not buying any board I've not ridden.If that were the case no one here would ever be able to move on to their next board by selling their current board.I have bought several boards without riding them first,based on the feedback already given about those boards here on Bomber.Specs and rider feedback from some of the most experienced riders on both used and new boards are readily available here.

If you order a new custom from any of the majors,unless you have demoed them by spending your budjet on SES or another session that has demos(recommended but,at more than the price of a board for the trip, not always in the budget) you would not have ridden the board first.

I learned most of what I wanted in a custom by owning several used boards,some of which I bought without riding first.

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Fair enough... in my experience I can ride two boards which are ostensibly similar and one can be brilliant and the other horrid. I just have to ride them.

It doesn't matter quite so much with powder boards, all of which work, although even there until I've ridden the thing I don't know if I need the 158 or the 163 or the 156... and as soon as I have ridden it, it's obvious.

With piste boards it seems that my personal "sweet spot" is even narrower, hence I'm not a potential "custom" customer for example.

But I'm dragging this OT: I was trying to wind up people with long boards... :)

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