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old nitro bindings "safe enough" for freestyle?


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I have a pair of these laying around and normally wouldnt use them, BUT im going to break out my old burton custom for some practice in the park, and these bindings can give up to 8deg build in cant (each) which would help with the low angles, wont be really doing any hard carving, but I dont want to break them or dont want to pop out of them.

any thoughts? also im probably going to throw some grip tape on the metal part


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honestly, i wouldn't use them. plates just don't belong in the park, in my book. i'd only use boots. are you going to be jibbing, or big airs? your going to look like a retro geezer if you use plates..

I resemble that remark. :lol: I don't much care what it looks like though, it's fun.

I would trust those Nitros for carving, but not for jumping. Almost all of my binding failures have happened when undershooting or overshooting jumps, (plus a couple others in moguls). I've had hard landings with and without binding failures, and I greatly prefer without. :)

Intec TDs and Intec Cateks are the strongest thing I know of, I've been riding TDs almost exclusively for years and they haven't failed me yet. (Cateks are a close second, they haven't broken either but they require frequent tweaks to stay tight.)

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