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intec heels mounting?


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I bought a used pair of intec heels and was trying to mount them on my Raichle SB 324s. Do the intecs require a different screw than the OEM mounting screw? I guess I figured since I bought the boots and the heels from the same seller(Ebay) they would include all the necessary hardware:mad:

Thanks for any responses!

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Step-in heels do NOT use the same hardware that mounts the stock heel pads onto Raichle boots. Most step-in heels come with the hardware that is usually just M5-X long. For example the Fin-Tecs come with M5-20mm long Button Heads. You can find these at a good hardware store.

Or drop Michelle a line here at Bomber and she can sell you some screws that work as well.

NSX fan? Talk to Bruce at Coiler on those. He takes his to the golf course everyday :eplus2:

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Thanks for this tip. Just picked up some M5 x 20mm (.8 pitch) button-head "stainless" hex bolts (together with M5 washers for a good measure) at a local hardware store.

Much better torque than the Phillips-head M5 bolts that originally came with the Intec kit. Super secure feel and no play now. Thanks. :)

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