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Used UPZ 26.5, Used SnoPro stepins, New Rossi World Cup 190


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East Coast Gear to sell or trade:

1) 26-26.5 UPZ Boots. I assume they are 26.5 (they do not say anywhere, inside the base part of the boot says 7-8 and upper says 8-9.5). They are the right length to fit me and I take 26.5 Deelux. These are used but have had minimal use. I bought them last year on this site to try, but I don't like the fit (I'll stick with my AF600s). No footbeds, and boots are missing one buckle multi-position piece, not the buckle itself, small part and most ski shops could supply a replacement (I'll check to see if I can get one myself). Sole plates have t-nuts, $150.00

2) One pair Snow-pro Fast step-ins (short plate up to size 26.5) + 1 Snow-pro race thrown in. Step-ins have had minimal use, single race plate is well used, might be useful as a front binder, or parts. Step-ins have had minor modification (removal of a bit of plastic inside along the cable guides that guide the cables used to withdraw the pins, this does not effect the strength of the binding in any way) to permit greater (1-2 mm) heel-pin insertion into heel receivers. This decreases the likely-hood of unintended release and snow clogging. I did this because when I bought the bindings I noticed that the far pin on both bindings did not insert as far as the close pin. When I took the bindings apart I say that the cables were a bit to tight on the far side so I modified the guides to provide a bit more slack. Comes with cant and lift plates and hardware. Best for a lighter rider with 26 or smaller boots. $65.00 or trade as above.

3) Rossi World cup 190. New, still in plastic. Although I presently ride a medium flex Donek Blade 180 (SC 13 m), I only weight 165 and I have never had the guts to ride this board on the hard, crowded, narrow runs of East Coast Canada. Board specs, 234 mm tip, 190 waist, 230 tail, and it is stiff (side cut radius? 14-15 meters? I am not sure) Sell for $250.00, or trade as below.

(or for any of above, trade or part trade for 26.5 Deelux, or new/good shape thermo-fit liners to fit 26.5 AF600's, or used TD3s, or 10-12 m radius 170-180 board (what do you have?) I also have a Donek 180 FC II, stiff flex, nice condition, no damage, that I got used but has not been used much, a bit too stiff for me, that I might trade or sell.

I am located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.





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