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Quebec meets


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Okay I want to get in at least 50 days in this year, and I'm starting to plan some trips

Mont Sainte-Anne from January 9th - 14th

5 days, 5 nights, transportation there and back for 345$ CD !!

This trip is for sure, but it is kind of a Dawson college trip (last year I went on it, even though I wasn't in Dawson though, so Derf you could probably get in)

This one I am not planning; it is an every year thing planned by the Dawson Athletics Department (Dawson Ski Club) in room

1 H 0.

Also, I am planning trips from Dawson's Freeriding club, in which we can accept anyone for sure. With this club, we will do quite a few short notice trips on Thursdays and Saturdays planned through RodRoy.

Also, at least one Nuit Blanche (on a Friday night, from 5pm to 3am the next morning at Saint Sauveur or Bromont)

Also hopefully a large trip to Stoneham planned through RodRoy sometime between March 1st to March 7th, since they have a lot of on-mountain condos and good group rates. We'll be doing a bunch of recruiting in Dawson (in full ski equipment! and we might be selling tire (maple stuff) on snow if we can convince them it's safe), but of course anyone here gets... precedence...

I want to get a small trip (8-12 people) to Le Massif, rent a small house on the mountain and go from January 20th-24th.

Anyone else from Quebec doing the regular RodRoy program? I go every Sunday for 7 Sundays in a row.

Also, a bunch of my friends are going to Fernie for 9 days for

1400$ CAD, but I don't have that kind of money. If you guys do there are a few trips to choose from on the RodRoy web site.

still plenty o' time! :)

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All these things are quite interesting. I'm not going to even try to get 50 like, for me, 10 is what I usually get, maybe I'll try 15.

No multiday trips for me this year, got burned last time (and trying to save up).

Keep me posted for when you go, I'll do the same.


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Wow cool! I want to go to Saint Sauveur/Avila tuesday and thursday nights quite a bit, it's such a great night carving mountain!

Yeah so last year the Freeriders club fundraised a lot of money, but we didn't advertise enough for our trips so we never got enough people to fill a bus :( but this season I'll try to make sure to get the buses filled, with posters and recruitment in full ski equipment in the atrium. Are you involved with the clubs Ernie?

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