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EVIL sports sighting


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Bobby Buggs can flow me a sweatshirt for some free props. Todd Drescher was sighted at Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod on Columbus Day sporting an EVIL hoodie.We were rigging up for a VERY windy (gusting to 35) kitesurfing session. We barely survived a BIG wave gust a thon. Kitesurfing really is potentially EVIL when mother nature gets worked up. So BOB, I'll send ya some photos of us kitesurfing down in Cape Hatterass next week( and shamelessly plugging your website ) if ya send me a T shirt. I'll even plaster stickers from Boston to NC. schwag whore that I am....


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Is there an alpine like board for kiteboarding? A long one for carving? The carving on those wakeboards doesn't do it for me.

The kiteboarding on the snow field/lake look so fun! Hopefully it progresses towards a sport of its own someday, maybe with the ability to control how much wind resistance is in the chute, so you could control your speed in changing winds, and carve through the pow!

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