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radius of Oxygen LTD?


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I remember that post too, claiming LTD being better than Protons,...but it got deleted later. so far it looks like there is a slight length difference (170 LTD vs 172 proton) and a radius difference (13 LTD vs 14 proton..same lengths as above).

I am not sure whether the core material and other characteristics are different,..

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how did you come up with 11m radius?....I think it's closer to 13m, but I am not sure. I have a renntiger (which I love) 163, ~9m radius, SL and my interest in this oxygen LTD is because I think this LTD is more of a GS board than slalom. I wonder how many LTD's were made and in how many years. like I said, can't find info about it online...

anybody out there with info on oxygen LTDs??????????????

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I got a proton 178 ( purchased used just recently) with the same side cut (14m). haven't tried it out yet,...So I guess the Atomic guys had a very good reason to produce the LTD and it has to be very distinct in some regard to the "regular" protons,..just don't know WHAT?:D

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not sure,..I rather see some official numbers on some official site,..instead "guess" and "compare" work.

I just saw its pic. it sure looks nice,....again..Atmoic folks must have had a good reason to fabric this,....

I am pretty busy with getting one of these as well,........;)

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These are the numbers I found for proton 178:

:: Board Type: 178

Overall Length (cm): 178

Running Length (cm): 161.0

Effective Edge (cm): 162.0

Stance Width (cm): 19.9

Tip Width (cm): 24.0

Waist Width (cm): 19.5

Tail Width (cm): 24.0

Tip Height (cm): 4.0

Tail Height (cm): 0.5

Side Cut Radius (m): 14

Stance Range (cm): 45-53

Stance Offset (cm): 2.0

Weight Range (kg): 60-100+

and these are the numbers I found for LTD 170:

Overall length: 170

Tip Width: 23.4

Waist width: 18.3

Tail width: 23.7

radius: :confused:

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wow,...so it is limited edition indeed.

I found this great site that allows you to calculate the side cut of a board. Here it is:


According to the calculations on the above named site, this proton LTD has a side cut of nearly 11m indeed.

P.S. I already ordered mine.

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I have just ridden the board for two days. these items should be borne in mind when reading my opinions of the board:

1. NZ conditions are very spring like - ice in the morning and slush in the afternoon. -1C to 10C

2. NZ hills are small and crowded

3. I have only used a few smaller alpine boards

That said I spent most of the first morning being terrified as it was very different to my F2 Roadster (scr 8.7m). In particular by the afternoon when the groomers were destroyed it was a lot less forgiving. By the next afternoon however I could use relatively steep narrow slopes, off trail with confidence. Compared to the roadster, or an oxygen apex I sometimes ride it is much stiffer, much narrower and will not turn as tightly, though much more stable at a far higher pace. All this is to be expected I guess from the specs. I certainly did not notice the reverse taper. The edge grip on ice was far superior to anything I have ridden before and on sunday morning I was surprised by several people on the chair complaining about the ice when I had not even noticed. Considering the frequency of icy conditions in the NZ north island this has made me very happy.

It's now monday evening and I'm still grinning like an idiot.

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sure nigel

spy,..what I am really interested to find out,..is the real reason for this limited production version (I heard in total 230 worldwide). Why would they make these and what nich is this supposed to fill, considering the proton had a good reputation already.

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