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Winter Conditions

Guest OCD

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I was flicking through the channels on the tube the other night and caught the tail end of the local weather report when I heard the meteorologist say something about us having an unusually warm and moist winter on the west coast this year. Has anyone else heard a forecast or anything to do with El Niño impacts on the upcoming season?

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Guest Randy S.

Let's hope he's half right. The second half.

Warm and moist is nice in certain situations (I'm sure Aislng's going to chime in on this one). But I'll take a cold one any day.

The ideal night-time weather for Tahoe: cold and moist outside, warm and moist inside! :eek:

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Yah, last year was moist enough in the North East, but it sure wasn't cold enough!

I just bought a cheapie pass to Stratton for discounted day passes, so it had better be cold and moist!

I concur on the indoorsiness , especially in front of a warm, crackling fire, fuzzy blankets, jazz ...!


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This is a reply to an email regarding conditions for this upcoming season on west coast.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for asking... we are looking at an el nino, not likely to be weak

either. Official long range charts indicate above normal precip for socal

for the first time in 7 years. As far as temps go, it's a crap shoot, and

whoever is saying above normal temps has info I haven't seen and is baseless

as far as I can see. In a nutshell, more storms, more rain/ snow in socal,

temps are a crap shoot.

Hope that helps, keep watching our site for more as we go along...

Take care,

Chris manly


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