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idea for sub forum on BOL


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many sites have a specific place for historic threads that are very usefull and have loads of info in them

here that would be great the threads that I think should be archived for the most part are the ones with the geeky tech stuff

the reason I suggest this is I every so often look through the older threads and I cannot find what I am looking for because there allot of threads

so if the most usefull of the past threads were stored in a archive of sorts it would be really usefull

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Hear you on that idea. Will look into it for the site. I have seen this done on other sites so will have to see the best way to do this.

Problem is we have so many cool ideas for the site but due to time (and money) issues we have to just pick one or two good ones and go with those. However, every season we do add more, just slowly.

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Who am I? Why, I'm the grammar police. Mmmwahahaha!

Actually, I ride at S.R. pretty much every weekend. I usually make a warm up run down North before heading over to Jordan Bowl. You seem to take great delight in giving me sh*t every time you see me in soft boots instead of on my yellow Burton UltraPrime. What can I say? I'm a versatile kinda guy. (Who happens to believe in the sanctity of the written word.) But it would make things easier to read if you'd throw us a freakin' bone and at least use a period now and again.

See you up there.


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I thought you were someone else

a guy who I know who mainly tele skis and takes out a board twice a year and talks about doing rodeos but pronouces it ro-day-oh and barely knows what the hell the trick is

sorry for the misstaken identity and basicly thinking your some dumb ass

and treating you as such

though my sarcasm may not have come through as well in type as it did in thought

anyway his name is Ted as well

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