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Its a long story but I receive Transworld Snowboarding as a gift.

It has come to my attention that the Oct. 04 issue has this to offer to its readers.

Out of all the photos of snowboarders this is how it is broken down.

In the air 58

Riding rails/bonking 28

Just standing in the snow 6

Carving a turn/ripping 3 A few hot chicks too

The numbers speak for themselves.

I want to thank TWS for promoting this so to keep this talent out of our way on the slopes. Just keep it in the Park and the Pipe. Thanks again, Snowboard Journal

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Received three issues over the last couple of months:confused:

I did give my son one of the posters out of an issue - he thought that was great!

Thought about giving 'em to my younger brother who is more into the pipe/park stuff - he's got a b-day coming up, maybe I'll make it a present to him!:D

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Guest AlpentalRider

I started getting them about 3 months ago and got worried that they were gonna expect me to pay them for receiving their ad booklet, I mean magazine.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting them. I wonder if they are giving them away for free to get more leverage to charge the advertisers more money. You know, the old "look at how many subscribers we have" trick lol.

Just think, in a year or two the actual articles in the thing will consist of the centerfold only :eek:

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Originally posted by Jack Michaud

I did a similar analysis last season in this thread

I wonder if anyone at TW saw it. Looking at it again, it's amazing to me that of that pages actually devoted to content, so little is devoted to showing <i>any</i> form of snowboarding on the ground at all - hard or soft boots.

This must be like the 4th thread on why TWS is silly in the last year. What amazes me is that so many people who don't like freestyle spend so much time pouring over every single page of the most well known freestyle snowboard magazine in the world.

Hehe... what is wrong with you guys that you waste your time with it??? Some freakish summertime boredom induced masochistic obsessive compulsion disorder :confused:

Be like MikeT, Joecarve, me and others and spend your time and money on random FUN off-mountain pasttimes like longboarding/T-boards/women (men for the ladies... all 3 of you here) :D

Out of the 15 or so of my snowboarding friends, most of whom do park and pipe (i.e. TW's target audience), we get like one or two issues passed around the "ski house" a season and no one spends more than 2 minutes quickly flipping through it before tossing the thing back onto the coffee table. We used to use them for fire kindling, but the smoke they make is kind of noxious.

Hehe... on the flipside, actually subjected my friend to a bunch of carving videos (SES, ECES, PureCarve) one weekend and they found it tortuously boring (I think my error was in showing the amateur videos first) - I was "banned" from providing the post slope entertainment for the rest of the season ;)

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