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Wachusett Century Pass


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boys & girls, I unforfunately agree that there is no way around the kid factor on any weekday night at Wachusett! But maybe there is a night that won't have as many!

So what day were you thinking about for riding at Sunapee? Being the working stiff who works for someone, unlike others we know, I would kinda like the idea of Mondays or Fridays for the long week-end aspect!! Just my two cents!

Thursdays are great for the 2 for 1 aspect, but if we all got the flex card, which is only $79.00, every weekday would be 50% off ( kinda like 2 for1! ). We'll be riding soon!!!

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I remember having a lot of fun carving up Sunapee.

This year I'm either getting a pass for Stratton, ($849), or a pass that covers Stratton, Okemo, and Sunapee. ($1300)

I'm leaning towards a Stratton-only pass, as logistically, that is the easiest mountain for me to get to regularly.

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