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ASC ski deal


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that its profitable to sell season passes dirt cheap that way you sell four times as many

other resorts ususally smaller ones have known this for years ASC just figured it out last season when the SR/Atitash pass was less than the SR only pass from the year before

these people that were out on the hill some had not skied in ten years due to the cost of a day pass and the idea of spending 600 to 900 for a season pass thats crazy if you have a wife/husband and kids that need passes too

its funny this winter at sunday river I saw more straight skis than I had in the previous two years and you know what if this trend continues and the skiers who had been out of the sport due to the price return the resorts are going start to listen and we will start to see cheaper lodging and food at and around the resorts

for a few years ASC(and most other companies the own the big resorts) treated the ski industry like a elite club like yachting or somthing and the price turned many people off that would otherwise spend every day off they got out skiing honestly what else is there to do in the rural north east in feb

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Guest Randy S.

Wow, they offer a platinum pass that has no blackout dates and gives you first tracks. I'd pay big for that at my resort if they offered it. We have to line up 15 minutes early just to get 1st tracks. If I could get one full run in before the lifts opened as first tracks, that would be f'ing huge.

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J mac! We can hang out in the parking lot and sell burgers out of the trailers to all them fancy tourists on the blackout days. BTW, I bought a 1983 Winnebago 21' with only 50K orig miles. Now I need to know where to find the electrical outlets in the parking lots.I meant to give you a call today after scoring the pass. I'll try you again in the am. :cool:

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I've been going to the country club (Stratton) for the past few years. Grooming and snowmaking are what makes the place. Back in the day I used to ride Mt. Blow, oops, I mean Mt Snow, a lot. Snowmaking was not as good as Stratton or Okemo, the lift system did not come close to those, and the Joey/Herb factor was out of control - even worse then the other two if that's possible. But at $599 vs. $1,300 or whatever Flatten, oops, I mean Stratton, will be this year I am seriously thinking of making the move. But on the other hand - $700 additional spread over the whole season for 45 minute earlier lift access on weekends, top notch snowmaking and grooming, not to mention the strong hard boot rider base make Stratton worth it IMO.

Now if I lived in Sugarloaf country or was a fan of the Big K – what a deal!

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