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Favourite BOL troll/war

Baka Dasai

Favourite BOL war  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Favourite BOL war

    • Skiing vs Snowboarding
    • Hard boots vs Soft boots
    • Face the nose vs Face the toes
    • East coast vs West coast
    • The Qualified vs The Weekend Warriors
    • Extreme Carvers vs US-style carvers
    • Stiff bindings vs Flexible bindings
    • Racing vs Freecarving (with a nod to the Freeracers :))
    • Goofy vs Regular
    • Write in your favourite

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OK, we just had a fairly low-key "skiing vs snowboarding" war, so I thought I'd try and list some hardy perennials - the subjects that linger underneath the everyday discussions, always threatening to burst forth into spirited debate/flame war. Choose your favourite.

Mine is the "Face the nose vs Face the toes" which gets surprisingly heated, and yet is always interesting and informative.

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'cause I think that I've learned a little something from most all of those famous troll/wars, even if it was just the fact that I shouldn't get involved, or it's time to get out! I think that overall, the group involved here is a little more accepting (believe it or not) than at other forums.

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Where DID he go? I miss his late night smoking/drinking/posting sessions. I miss how he could get under everyone's skin, except for those that were laughing. I think CF touched on all of the poll topics, but soft boots vs. hard boots really tweaked with some people.

CF where are you... :confused:

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Originally posted by johann

I voted for hard boots vs softboots, but I meant ski boots vs snowboard specific boots..

although I guess technically its the same thing.

Well, yes it is if you don't think you can bend a ski boot. I've ridden for years in a ski boot, softer than a race shell, but ski boot nonethe less, and love it. It also makes thae transition from ski to board easier!

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Guest Ghostrider

I voted east coast vs west coast because I wouldnt argue for either...I think the midwest is the best learning/training grounds.

Go ahead, start it up...I would love to argue the "coasties vs corn growers" :D

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