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Ok, so I got my first set of hardboots, Head Stratus Pro, and now I'm trying to figure out where to go for bootfitting in the Denver area. I have received two suggestions and was wondering if anyone has used them and can provide input, or might recommend someone else.

The first recommendation was Larry's Bootfitting in Boulder http://larrybootfitting.com/

Boulder is a bit of a trip for me, but he was highly recommended.

The second was Lee Kinney at Customfoot in Englewood which is much closer to me.


So any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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IIRC, Lee used to be at Mountainmiser. Heard good things, but... the answer to your question is Larry. Period. No one else! And yes, I drive over an hour to go see him. If you search, you will find that Larry's name comes up on a regular basis.

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I have used both Larry and Lee with excellent results. I had Lee make me a pair of insoles and they are good. I was going to use him again to install new liners in my hardboots but I couldn't get him to return my calls to set up an appointment to do so so I called Larry and got a live person on the phone to set up an appointment and had Larry do the liners. I used the insole that Lee made as Larry said it was good. I will use Larry again as he is cheaper and easy to set up an apointment with. The insole that Lee made me cost 200.00 and Larry said he could do it for 95.00. I don't know if they would be the same quality or not? I will be going back to Larry soon to remold / refit my liners as they have packed out some.

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As an ex podiatrist Larry KNOWS feet. He got sick of the clinical setting and likes more interaction with fun people so he works in this industry instead. He is the only person allowed to touch my boots besides me. As stated by CFJ he is well known around the world having worked with many world cup teams during summers at Mt. Hood. I have met a few big names through Larry who were having him work on their boots in his shop. The quality of his work is second to none and he will work with you to get things right. Many of the current crop of bootfitters on the front range learned from Larry, it is best to use the best if you can and he is just a short drive away. Bootfit by Larry is the best!


P.S. go in with a smile on your face

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