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Sunshine Village or Lake Louise?


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I'm planning to spend 4 months next season (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar) in Banff. But I can't decide between Lake Louise and Sunshine. Which has more groomed, flat, wide runs? I guess that'll have to determine it, because both are great resorts.

A pass for LL is $879, and I can't find out the price of a season pass for SV because they're only selling Spring passes now. The Big3 Pass is for LL, SV, and Norquay, and it's $1259.

As well, I'd have to shuttle up every day because I won't have a vehicle during this time.

Shuttle Pass prices:

Lake Louise - $439 ($20/roundtrip/day)

Sunshine - $374 ($12/roundtrip/day)

So for just LL it would cost $1318. I wish I knew how much it would cost for just SV....

But for both it'd cost $2072 :eek:

What do people who've been to both recommend? (I've been to both...but not Sunshine Village for quite some time...hell, I think I was still skiing back then...)

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With both areas hosting some of the greatest snowboarding in Canada, it's hard to choose. If you prefer skiing long verticals, go to Louise, If you like shorter runs go to Sushine. I like both but I lean towards Louise for terrain, and vertical. Although Sunshine is closer and the snow is soft soft soft. I dont know, maybe I like Sunshine now. It's a catch 22. Ride them both, find out what you like then buy the passes.

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Louise used to be favorite but when snow is bleak it not good, plus more crowded! but when snow good its ok! I think dat both good, but sunshines has all new lifts and snow is always better.. its now my favorite...other than Panorama...

Can't you buy a tri area pass thats good for Norquay! Louise, and Sunshine,,dats what we do when we go!

Thats your best bet den your not locked in!


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The terrain at Louise is just awesome. The only bitch I have about it is that it sometimes gets off to a slow start in the winter (as in Dec is pretty marginal for snow cover, especially on the back) and in the spring it can get as icy as hell. But in the depths of a good winter, it's amazing.

Sunshine has the best snow I've ever seen on a skifield, last year I was still having a ripping time on Goat's Eye on May 8th, but the runs are really short in comparison to Louise, and the field's often really crowded as it's that much closer to Calgary. I would think that if you're going to do a heap of days, you'll get bored with Sunshine pretty quick.

If you're planning on working in Banff then I know a lot of the places there hand out free passes to their staff. That might be the go to get you into Sunshine, if you can swing it. I'd want to find out more about the season pass for Louise (an RCR resort) because I think that it might season pass you to all their other resorts as well - Fernie, Nakiska (which has THE most amazing groomers for carving) and Kimberley, all of which are within a few hours of Banff and will give you quite a few more options. I'd think with 14 (??) fields within a 4 hour drive, you'd be doing yourseld a disservice by not seeing the countryside!

As far as transport goes, there's buses frantically charging round to all these hills in wintertime (even the Greyhound service is pretty good), and I'm sure you'll hook up with people with wheels once you're in Banff. I'm out most weekends, so if you need a lift, drop me an email!

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Sunshine usually has better snow but OTOH it's also usually colder. Sunshine has some great cruising, Louise doesn't have anything wide-open like Brewster or the top of Goat's Eye. But then for pure adrenaline carving I don't think Sunshine has anything to match Men's or Women's downhill at Louise. Sunshine has some fabulous steeps and hairy terrain. Louise has some pretty awesome stuff too though. For overall terrain, Louise wins. There's just more of everything, longer runs... But if I were to spend a season in Banff, I'd definitely ride both and Norquay too.

Don't put too much stock in published season pass rates right now. Check in September or October when the pre-season deals are on. They also both offer discount cards, if you plan on skiing 20 days or less I think the discount card works out cheaper.

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Yeah...I plan on boarding 120 days, lol. Every day, all day, with injuries just meaning shorter/lazier days :P I plan to have enough money that I won't have to work for those four months...

Hm...If I get the Big3 Pass for Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise, along with all three shuttle passes...that comes to $2222.00. Hm...not all that bad for 4 months at three places...$18.50/day. If I end up being able to afford it, or even if I have to get a night job of some kind, that seems to be the best option.

If I went for only Lake Louise, I'd be locked into only one place, and it'd still cost

Nakiska looks pretty good, but the RCR pass (which is only $1000) and covers Lake Louise, Fernie Alpine Resort, Kimberley Alpine Resort, Nakiska and Fortress, are all further away from Banff, and I probably wouldn't end up going to them much - that's probably why the Big3 Pass for only SV, LL, and Norquay is $1259 while the RCR pass is $1000 for Lake Louise, Fernie Alpine Resort, Kimberley Alpine Resort, Nakiska and Fortress.

It's sorta looking like I'll be spending close to $5000 CND on just equipment and passes next year...lol. It's good to be young and have no responsibilities...

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I noticed it, but failed to address it: I doubt that the Big3 pass or the shuttle passes will be reduced in price. Of course, I'll be looking. I'm pretty sure those prices are pretty fixed. Thanks for the reminder, though.

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Just got back from Banff today . . .amazing place. As for Sunshine and Louise they both have great carving runs. Louise probably has the best variety and length of run, however crowds, spring skiing conditions and length from Banff are the down sides. Sunshine has great snow and remindes me of one giant sand-box however with sunshine I found it better on skis or an all-mountain board. Find a way to work a pass out for both it's too hard to pick just one.

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