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Board info needed


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One of our Junior racers rides that Nitro model in a smaller length (147?)

She's under 5' tall, I doubt even 100 lbs - It was handed down from

racer-to-racer and now much of the spring is gone, but still works

pretty well for her on most everything but a tight slalom course.

Sorry I don't know any stats - I don't remember seeing anything

written on the deck..but it's been a pretty good starter board.

As for sizing - My wife is a similar size and enjoys riding her 151 FP.

That seller/shop is somewhat close - if I have time, I'll try and stop by

and see if I can find any more info for ya, though don't know if it'll last

long at that price!

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I bought that same model on craigslist with TD1's for 50 bucks a couple years back, then sold the board on ebay last fall for like $25. It might be the same exact one.

That board would work fine for you...not crazy-stiff by any means and narrow waisted for small feet...I'd guess like 180 mm. I'd gues the sidecut in the 9 meter range. I never rode it ( tooooo small ) but it looked very well made. It sat in my office for like 8 months.

It should go for very cheap....like the same price as a pair of socks...


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It might be the same exact one.

I kinda doubt that it was dano's.. The seller is associated with a retail snowboard shop

located up the road from me in Minnesota - I don't think they deal much with used gear,

esp alpine.. Chances are better that this is an older model or overstock in

brand-new condition.

It has a buy-it-now price, but if there are no bids in a few days, you

may want to call them (the-house.com) and give an offer to take it off

their hands..

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How you buy on ebay without flexing is perplexing?

Ah yes, Bola the poet... The man who is always smiling and laughing. I figure if I can buy the board cheap enough, I can sell it easily if Shelly does not like it. She is mad at herself that she did not order a Coiler last May when her and I talked about it.

I think I remember see that your GT hiding amongst the decks in the office.

Where is the shop at these days? Same old place or did you move up to "On The Hill"?

Definitely need to get up and see you before too long! (shhhhh, don't tell Shelly, but I want to check a SG. Need metal, metal good!)

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