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Need help with a Limbo stick for ECES: from Fin


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OK, we are shipping out the items to run our Limbo Carve Contest for the ECES. However, the main Limbo Stick is WAY too long to ship out so that is the only missing part. We need some help.

Can someone make a limbo stick and bring it with them to the ECES? How we built ours was using two pieces of 14 foot long “trim” wood that is 1 ½” by 3/8” and then screwed together at a right angle with support blocks about every 3 feet. One piece by itself sags WAY too much so the right angle method keeps it rigid. We also painted it bright colors but not necessary.

If any one can help with this that would be great. Just let us know you can do it so we can plan accordingly. This really is a lot of fun and I think it would be cool to do at the Loaf.

Thanks for the help.


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Guest Ken B

If there is a lumber store nearby, I'm sure we can manage this. .........Jack?

I'll bring some tools for assembly and some blocks to anchor the screws.


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Guest Ken B

We will buy the 14' screen trim from Jordan Lumber in Kingfield. I made the blocks last night and will bring screws and such to assemble it there.

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Right on, thanks for taking care of this. I'll be there starting Monday so look me up when you get to town and I'll see what I can do to help.

Jack: the only other thing we may need is a Drill and a "snow" bit to punch hole sin the hill for the verticle sticks. I bet we could just barrow one from the Mountain ops or patrol. Figure out when we get there.

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