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Need help with Donek decision...

Diggin in MN

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I've been riding a Prime 173 for the better part of 8 years now, and need to get a new board. The release of the blade has made me want to purchase something wider than expected. I've always prefered a skinney waist and high angles. I was looking into the Donek 185 FC for a while now, but now that I've decided to try wider board, I don't know which one to purchase. First up is this new Blade 180. 14m sidecut, 23.5 waist, but only a 7.8 on the flex chart. I'm assuming the prime I've been on is quite a bit stiffer than 7.8, and I could make that prime bend! At 6'3", 195lbs, would a 7.8 be too soft? The other board is the Donek 185 Steinberg FC. A 12.5m sidecut and 23 waist, and a stiffer board at 8.7. Other than the flex being a concern, so is the sidecut. The prime is a 13.31, i think? I thought a smaller sidecut would help get the hold doing these laid out carves, but the Blade went with a 14m? I dont get it? Is it the soft flex that helps counter act the large sidecut on the blade? I'm all confused. What I need is something that will hold an edge like crazy hauling @$$, and something I can layout when just cruisin.

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Send Sean a e-mail. Your burton is much softer then you think on his scale.

the larger radius help with having time in the middle of the turn to slide on the ground euro style.

A softer board will come In and out of the turn easier on ice. And helps the EC style turn.

both boards you are looking at destroy your Prime

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Like Trikerdad, I have a stock 179 FCII, I am 6'4" about 210. I love it, 11.2 M sidecut is REALLY nice for MN's "shorter" runs. I would let you ride it but I am stuck down in Cincinnati this year.

I ride it HARD and have yet to make it flinch, and yet it loves to just cruise. The FCII's are great for us with bigger feet.

Speedzilla (Dave) was running a 14M side cut on a board last year and thought it a little long for Buck, it was fun though.

This is all mute if you are planning on riding it elsewhere.

Talk to Sean, he is a good guy to deal with, he'll set you up.

I also like the specs of the 179 Oppenheim FC, looks juicy.

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I'm 210lbs and had an Axis 177 (11m, 7.0 stiff). It never felt too soft and was easy enough to ride small hills and narrow runs. I also rode a Speed 178 (14m and moderate stiffness). After I got familiar with the board I found I was making the same turns on the same runs, but going faster with the board higher on edge. So it seems to be a larger sidecut/softer flex=smaller sidecut/stiffer flex if you go faster thing, or something like that.

Re Donek vs. Burton. The decambered shape of the Donek and Burton are just different. The Donek will bend to follow a much better arc where the Burton would start to hook.

Sean is awesome to deal with. I've ordered a 175 x 23 with 13m sidecut and less stiffness than the Axis. If you give me a few weeks I'll let you know how it works.

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I have an older 179fcII(03) and a brandy new 177 axxes, and at 240 they are plenty stiff tip to tail and are a blast to ride, the axxes being a little more forgiving than the fc. I can bend the axxes, which is a 7 on seans scale, but it is still stiff enough on soft snow to blow out a carve if you are not paying attention and really drive it. They both hold like crazy, especially if you inadvertantly end up in the back seat :o. My opinion may be biased, but I think it is well worth giving sean a call

Support small vendors!


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