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    TD3, SnowPro, , 68/50 0/3 cant, 45/50 on wide decks
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  1. Details please. Condition, Length, width and some guess on stiffness or intended rider weight. Thanks
  2. Specs and intended rider weight? I didn't get very far on their website,
  3. Hi, I'm interested in the Head Boots for sale. How much shipped to 27265? Thanks, Hall

  4. Hi Guys, my apologies for the delay, but glad to see there's still a following here. Following up on the IM's
  5. I have boards for sale. All are good condition or better, good camber ect. Please have a look. All offers considered. High res images available. Shipping from 95134. Donek Throndike 182: 05thorndike182gsb, L 182, W 20.5cm, SCR 16m, Date 6/05 VGC $250. Not olympic and a little softer than typical Thorndike. Donek FCII: L 179, W19.5cm, SCR 11.2m, GC, Date 12/01 $250. Fun board, very easy to ride. Board sleeve included. SOLD Donek EC 175: 06trip175, L 175, W 23cm, SCR 13m, VGC, Date 12/06 $300. Ecarver! SOLD Prior ATV 171: L 171, W 23.5cm, SCR 10m, GC, 2007 model? $175 SOLD K2 Eldorado 182: Very Good Condition, almost perfect. $150 SOLD Burton FP 167: L 167, W 19cm, SCR 12.3m, GC $100
  6. Thanks for the good info. I'll have to pass on this gorgeous Libtech since I have similar and was looking for something a little beefier.
  7. okay w/plates? specs? rockered? looking for a big board i can flog in hardboots. could this be the answer? (avitar was on an eldo 174) thanks.
  8. Trip43065


    I just moved to Seattle. Any suggestions on riding, hanging out, mischief, ect.?
  9. Any details on the tanker? Year? Pics? Shipping to 98275? Flex okay for experienced 230lb rider? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the info. Foot measures 29. I'm in my third pair of sz 28 boots,so I'm happy with the size, but still need liners.
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