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anyone id this odd F2 board?


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the guy in the pic is using the F2 Roadster classic...you can google it and find a pic. It was an all mountain freecarve board in the 21ish wasit width. The last generation of that board made it more 'racelike' as you can see in the link you sent me.

I almost imported the Classic back in 2000, but chose to import the F2 Breezer instead, a slightly more all around board than the Roadster. The Breezer sucked and if the Roadster is similar i would not recommend it. From that era, a Burton Wire/Coil rode better than my f2.

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Ealely, I just spent a week in Shanghai - what an awesome city CJ

'exotic' sounds better :p

Actually after 5 years, not always so awesome for me :( , I need to travel more and more often for clean fresh air...but I understand your point of view:rolleyes: . If u want, you can see some of my travels pictures there (text mostly in french though)

Sorry for the F2 Roaster thread:o

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