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Conshox Hardware

Thor VonRippington

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My friend's camera can't focus for some reason. Can anyone else help him?

A camera has a minimal distance to focus. If an object is too close, it will turn out blurry. The best thing to do is to get a little farther from the object and zoom in.

I know next to nothing about the terms refering to screw size and threading. :smashfrea

There are always three numbers: Diameter - thread x length

Standard: 1/4-20x1

1/4" diameter

20 threads per inch

1" in length

Metric: M6-1.0x12

6 mm diameter

1.0 mm between every thread

12 mm in length

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learn something new everyday. Macro setting worked.

I don't have a ruler nearby so I took pictures on regular college ruled paper for reference.




In the first picture, the screw on the right as well as the washer is for the rear part of the conshox, the part that has four holes for screws to attach to the board. The screw on the left is the right one in the 2nd picture. Its almost the same size as the first one but for some reason it fits differently onto the board. No clue why. I need to get a washer for the 2 screws for the front part of the conshox.

The final long screw is to attach the binding (your TD2 I'm guessing) into the board through the slits on the front part of the conshox. KenW told me that the screws that came with the TD1 worked but probably not the case with the TD2s.

Someone, correct me if I'm wrong with anything.



sorry the lines are so light but i think you can make them out.

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Ditto on the "job well done"!

Does anyone happen to know if it matters which direction the conshox is facing for mounting purposes?

thanks, and I don't think it matters too much. Maybe a tiny unnoticable amount since one binding isn't actually screwed into the conshox. I could easily be wrong since I havent tried any of my new boards yet or the conshox.

I had a buddy in Pharm school years back. He made me do the flash card thing every time we got in the car... problem was I could not begin to pronounce any of those words.

I have no hard classes this semester because I took my only hard class (organic chemistry) in the summer so I could have school only 2-3 times a week during the winter this year. I made probably 200 flashcards for that class.

Next year-my 3rd year- is much much worse. We have a class called IPEP (not sure what it stands for) and we have to memorize 20 drugs a week and all the facts that are associated with them. There are probably 15-20 things about each drug.

Next year could be easier if i take Biochem in the summer but dishing out another $5250 into a loan for just one class doesnt sound appetizing again. I still might. I'm defintly enjoying this easy year.:cool:

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welcome to Bomber!

Best thing to do is post you're own thread that you want one. I got really lucky with obtaining one, they're hard to find because they don't make them anymore. If you're board is an 03/04 model or later, a conshox is already built in to it.

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Ah, in that case one is already built in. Thanks for the reply.

Sort of, not the quite the same.

This is of course likely to be desputed , however, "Dual Construction" boards are simply not the same as "Mono Constuction" , riding one is knowing why.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the new Tinker "System Board" owners, not to mention the newest "TNT Full System Boards".

Very exciting stuff. At least 6 boards where built over the summer.

The "Big Kahuna" will soon make it's debut. 252cm of PURE TINKLER!!

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I had my 217 DH skis in the Whistler gondola a few years ago and they were at the ceiling. A 252 wouldn't fit in the cabin, you'd have to take three chairlifts instead. Hmmmmmm........


Dave R.

Yep, fortunately no gondolas at Mt Bachelor.

It probably won't be his "Daily Driver"

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