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Wachusett tonight 2/4


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Who's up for some night skiing?! Should be a pretty good night for it. Here's the deal, I've sent the list of names over to BCN that have signed up already and our contact has agreed to send the bus over to the GSU. He has asked that you be there by 5PM so that the bus can leave at 5:30. It sounds like there will be more room so even if you haven't signed up online come on over and hop on the bus with us!! Just $15 for the whole night....rock on

If you want to sign up for tonight or other nights just go to http://people.bu.edu/skiclub/wach/info.htm

~your loving officer


Some info for you guys.

I already hit Wa today........EPIC! 36 degrees- full coverage- cord and planar all day. Sunny No wind. One of the best days of riding this season.

Apparently you can either go to WBCN to get on the bus or go to BU's George sherman Union (across from Guitar center on Commonwealth ave.)



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No- its a WBCN ski bus promotion (WA-WA dollars aren't likely to be valid, aaaand you might be not wise to ask- like double discounting). Call WBCN to be added to the list. you can pick up tks at customer service if you are on the list. Which means you can be there at 4pm and ride without having to wait for the bus to arrive.

If you are going to grab the bus tonight, you need to call our BCN contact, Adam Moscatel, at 617-587-4682 and let him know you heard of this trip from BU Ski and Board. He will give you the details on where the bus will be picking up tonight. He can also put you on the list for $15 tks.

Man it was sick today!



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Definately want to skip the bus ride and get up there on your own. I went for the maiden voyage last night and we didn't leave BCN until 6:20, sat in traffic and got there 8:00. I'm not sure if we can do 4-10 or 6-10 and Adam wasn't sure either but we'll find out. They've only done a few of these so the bus was only half full.1 bonus to the bus ride is that they give out schwag for trivia ie lift tickets, hats,etc.I hooked up with Bob and his fire breathing Donek and had some fun tho.STAY TUNED! :D

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Sometimes I wish I had some extra boost at Wachoo. I also wish they would open the top of the trail under the summit chair. The "Rangers" were pinching kids left and right. We really wanted to poach it but...not prudent. Bob's carving well for a newbie.Hopefully we'll have a good crew for Sunapee. If you see me on 93 with my thumb out, please pick me up.:rolleyes:

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